Opportunities for Ex-Servicemen in the Post Office: A New Path to Serve the Nation

The transition from military life to civilian life can be challenging for ex-servicemen. However, many government and private sector organizations recognize the unique skills, discipline, and work ethic that veterans bring to the table. The post office is one such institution that has a history of employing ex-servicemen, offering them fulfilling career opportunities to continue their service to the nation. In this article, we will explore the various job opportunities and benefits available for ex-servicemen in the post office.

  1. Postman/Mail Guard

The role of a postman or mail guard is crucial in ensuring the efficient delivery of mail and parcels. Ex-servicemen are well-suited for these positions due to their discipline and dedication. They are responsible for sorting, collecting, and delivering mail to various destinations. Additionally, they may also be tasked with safeguarding mail and parcels during transit.

  1. Sorting Assistant/Postal Assistant

Ex-servicemen can also find opportunities as sorting assistants or postal assistants. These positions involve sorting and organizing mail, handling customer inquiries, and performing various administrative tasks. Their organizational skills and attention to detail are valuable in ensuring the smooth operation of postal services.

  1. Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS)

Ex-servicemen can apply for Multi-Tasking Staff positions within the post office. MTS employees are responsible for various tasks, including cleaning, maintenance, and general support functions. Their physical fitness and adaptability make them well-suited for these roles.

  1. Security Officer

Many post offices have security officers to ensure the safety and security of staff, customers, and postal assets. Ex-servicemen, with their background in security and vigilance, can excel in these positions. They are responsible for implementing security protocols, managing access control, and responding to emergencies.

  1. Driver

Ex-servicemen with experience in driving military vehicles can find employment as postal vehicle drivers. They are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of mail and parcels. Their experience in handling various types of vehicles and driving in diverse conditions is highly valuable in this role.

Benefits for Ex-Servicemen in the Post Office

Working in the post office as an ex-serviceman comes with several benefits:

  1. Job Security: Government jobs in the post office offer stability and security, which is especially reassuring for individuals transitioning from military service.
  2. Pension and Retirement Benefits: Ex-servicemen in the post office are eligible for pension schemes and retirement benefits, ensuring financial security during their post-service years.
  3. Respect and Recognition: The post office values the discipline and dedication of ex-servicemen and provides a supportive work environment where their contributions are recognized and respected.
  4. Healthcare Facilities: Government jobs typically come with access to healthcare facilities, ensuring that employees and their families receive adequate medical care.
  5. Housing Benefits: Some ex-servicemen may also be eligible for housing benefits, further easing their transition to civilian life.


The post office is an institution that has a long history of employing ex-servicemen, recognizing their skills and commitment to the nation. It provides a diverse range of job opportunities, from front-line roles like postman to administrative positions like sorting assistant. With job security, retirement benefits, and a supportive work environment, the post office offers a promising avenue for ex-servicemen to continue their service to the nation while building a fulfilling second career. If you are an ex-serviceman seeking new opportunities, consider exploring the various job openings in the post office to continue your journey of service and contribute to the efficient functioning of this vital institution.